Monday, December 21, 2015

Prayer of Migrants in the Year of Mercy by Father Graziano Battistella

Prayer of Migrants in the Year of Mercy
by Father Graziano Battistella
Director Scalabrini Migration Center

We left our house with tears,
we wanted to stay home.
In our mind and heart the fears
of being apart and alone.
For all the years away,
dear children, spouse and friends,
your mercy we beg and pray.

We traveled far and wide,
we reached new towns and posts.
We took our task in stride,
we worked harder than most.
For all the abuse and pain,
recruiters and employers,
God’s mercy may you attain.

We shared our songs and stories,
new tunes and words we learned.
Sometimes majestic harmonies,
sometimes nonsense unheard.
For all discords and wrath, 
dear neighbors and us all,
full mercy may we get.

We took airplanes and boats
and often went on foot,
escaping war and want
to cross your gates and routes.
For all the doors left shut,
rich countries in your might, 
plea mercy or you will rot.
We endured long solitudes
for children and loved ones.
Forgot their face and gratitude
to God who blessed our love.
The sad betrays and cheats
of which we all are guilty
with mercy may God treat.

In foreign distant lands
through mercy we endured.
Offenses not so grand
with mercy we obscured.
Our sins we now surrender
to God of mercy and love.
To him be glory and splendor.

December 18, 2015
International Migrants Day
Month of Overseas Filipinos

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