Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MOA - Overseas Landbased Tripartite Consultative Council (OLTCC)

MOA - Overseas Landbased Tripartite Consultative Council (OLTCC)

Nature and Scope

2.1 The OLTCC as a consultative body shall:
a) Serve as a forum through which labor, management and government can work together to address issues and concerns involving OFWs;

b) Act as an advisory body to the Secretary of Labor and Employment in terms of policies and programs affecting labor and employment in the overseas employment sector and

c) Endeavor to arrive ai a consensus on matters brought to it for consideration, deliberation and/or resolution.


The OLTCC shall have the following functions:
a) consult with the concerned stakeholders on issues and concerns involving OFWS;

b) address priority issues and concerns and recommend solutions or measures on labor and employment concerns in the landbased overseas employment sector through social dialogue and other initiatives;

c) review existing laws and regulations and propose measures and policy actions related to the landbased overseas employment sector; and

d) monitor and evaluate the implementation of international, regional and national programs, plans and projects in the landbased overseas employment sector.

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