Tuesday, September 2, 2008

PMRW Meets the Media

Cognizant of the important and crucial role of media in public advocacy and information dissemination, the PMRW organized a morning tete-a-tete with selected members of the media last September 2, 2008 at the Scalabrini Migration Center, PMRW’s Secretariat office. It was also PMRW’s way of formally introducing the network and its member organizations to the media. Friends from online, television, radio and print media graced the occasion.

PMRW president Mel Nuqui warmly started the program with a brief round of introductions of the participants from the PMRW and the media.

She then invited everyone to go over the documents that were distributed for the occasion which contained the current policy concerns of PMRW vis-a-vis government, namely: the situation of distressed migrants, mainly women migrants, in Jordan and the response of the Philippine embassy to the situation; the proposed mandatory psychiatric testing for prospective household service workers; the proposal to put up an OFW Hospital; and, the proposal to further liberalize the labor migration industry.

PMRW members took turns in elaborating briefly the issues at hand. Resolutions of the Consultative Council on Overseas Filipino Workers (CCOFW) on these issues were also presented to manifest that PMRW’s concerns and critical stance on the issues are shared by other NGOs.
The meeting concluded with a renewed commitment to share information on a more regular basis, with PMRW vowing to become more pro-active in reaching out to the media to update them on pressing advocacy issues.

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